3-D Model, Positive For Ceramic Mold Making by Anthony Kling

The laser cutter can be used in a variety of different ways other than creating two dimensional work, it can also be used to create three dimensional works via the layering of slices of material.

In this example the layering material that was chosen was acrylic (for its smooth edges and surfaces when cut), this material works well for creating plaster molds off of. The acrylic discs were cut with holes in them so that they could be threaded through a rod and repositioned so that one set of discs could make an infinite amount of variations.
Other materials could be held together the same way (with a threaded rod) or glued or screwed together.
Here is an image of the first casting from the plaster mold. There were some technical issues with the first cast, additional images will be posted as the piece comes along.
Project created by Anthony R. Kling.