Creating Texture

The CNC router can be used to create a variety of textures out of a surface. These can range from faux wood grain, stone, pounded metal, bricks, basket weaves, honeycombs, etc.
Bitmaps can be useful in creating a texture that makes up part of your design. EnRoute utilizes the colors or grayscale shading in a bitmap image to modify the height of the relief using parameters that you provide. The lightest or white areas will be the tallest part of the relief, black areas will be the lowest, and all grayscale areas will adjust accordingly between the two dependent on their value.

EnRoute has the capability to create textures for a relief without the aid of bitmaps. A number of texture tools have already been defined and entered in as templates. This is a good starting point for several different textures. There are several types of textures available. The categories include: basic noise, brick, cellular, dots, flgstone, flame, hammered, hexes, marble, mudpot, multicell, multifract, terrain, veneer, weave and wood. Each of these textures can be used as defined or further refined to achieve the precise texture for your design.