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J-Shots by Anthony Kling

The J-Shots project illustrates how the laser cutter can be used for ceramics applications and creating packaging.

The laser cutter was used to cut contact paper to create stencils that could be applied to ceramic bisque ware. This photo illustrates how the laser cutter can save a tremendous amount of time by cutting multiples.

Contact paper works well on flat bisque ware surfaces and creates crisp lines when glaze is applied and the stencil is removed.

This photo illustrates how the laser cutter can be used to create professional looking packaging. The packaging was created by first printing the image along with registration marks onto the paper substrate. A corresponding vector file was created (to cut the packaging out) with registration marks that aligned with the printed image. The printed piece of paper was manually aligned with the vector file in the laser cutter print control panel before it cut the packaging out. The registration technique can be very precise but to minimize the appearance of registration errors it would be more effective add a little bit of a bleed in the printed image around where the laser cutter cuts the package.

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