Letters of Every Size

Department of Art CNC Router Technician Robin Schwartzman is working on a large commission piece for this year's Northern Spark festival in Minneapolis. Her piece, titled THINK AND WONDER, WONDER AND THINK will span this phrase in the form of 8' tall illuminated letters between the arch spans on both sides of the Stone Arch pedestrian bridge. The letters will be cut out of 1/2" MDF using the CNC Router. Robin is using EnRoute4 to enlarge the Stag Sans text letters to the correct dimensions, then using the array tool to create appropriately placed and sized holes for each LED light. Each letter will be cut in half using a ShopBot with a 4' x 8' bed, then each half will be hinged together to create the whole. Here you can see her first prototype, the letter "R."

To raise extra funds to create this large public installation, Robin created a Kickstarter campaign which was successfully funded. Her rewards include various hand painted letters in smaller sizes (5"-12"), also all cut using the CNC router.