Promotional Pieces

In this post we will take a look at three projects that relate to self promotion, all of which were found on Behance. The first project discussed is by Christine Johnson and can be seen in further detail here.

This Promotional piece is representative of a way to create a higher quality three dimensional leave behind. It can be recreated at relatively low cost monetarily and time wise and showcases creative ability, three dimensional knowledge, graphic design skill and experience with laser cutter fabrication.
This next project showcases a promotional business card of sorts created by Tsay Tzong-Lian. Below is a photo of her project and a video of it in action can be found here.

This project does a great job of marrying content and functionality. Tsay is a Mechanical Engineer, which complements her use of the Geneva Wheel mechanism to creatively display her contact information. For further information on different types of gears and mechanisms see our previous post here.
This last example was created by the Industrial design Department at SCAD as part of a promotional tool, distributed to prospective students. For further information visit the original post here.

This project is another good example of making promotional pieces that have functionality to them, making them a constant reminder to those who choose to use them. The info graphic explaining how to assemble and use the pieces is a nice touch that is both informative and a good use of time saving vector marking.