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The Department of Art CNC Router Technician Robin Schwartzman completed her giant letter project THINK AND WONDER, WONDER AND THINK for Northern Spark this past June. Each letter was 8' tall by varying widths. They were designed in EnRoute and cut in pieces out of 1/2" MDF using a ShopBot Buddy with a 4' x 8' bed and 1/2" end mill bit. The router belongs to the shops ofAmerican Woodworker Magazine, where editor Randy Johnson was very generous in volunteering his time and knowledge to help make this project happen.

Here you can see the daytime view. Each letter was painted red with exterior latex paint.

This is a nighttime view of the word WONDER from the Guthrie Theater. Photo courtesy of Mill City Times.

And here is a panorama shot focusing on THINK taken during the festival.

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