Woodcut Prints

The CNC Router can be used to create intricate and beautiful woodcut prints. There are two ways to utilize the router for woodblocks:
1. Scale up an existing smaller-scale woodcut image to create a larger version.
2. Scan an intricate drawing or text to create a woodblock of an image that would be impossible to carve strictly with hand tools.
In the fall of 2010, the Department of Art's router was used to cut a 4' x 6' version of Artemio Rodriguez's linocut print entitled Pinata. The original print was scanned, converted into a vector file, enlarged and then cut in low relief out of a sheet of MDF. Due to the size and intricacy of the image, this woodblock took over 30 hours of cutting time.

In-progress cut.

Detail of cut in-progress.

Original linocut print, approximately 10" x 15".

Full scaled routed woodblock print, approximately 4' x 6'.


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