First 3D Printer Project by Anders Hamilton

The XYZ Lab has a new 3D Printer (visit the equipment page for more information)! Anders Hamilton has been breaking it in with a project he has been working on, highlighted in this blog.

Anders is using a program called 123D Catch, a free program and app, which allows a user to create a 3D model of an object by stitching a series of photos together.

This photo shows how you can get fairly accurate captures and prints of an object.

Here is another printed object from a 123D Catch capture.

This image shows it paired with it's original.

Anders hand built a ceramic replica of a MakerBot 3D Printer and Scanner and is using a combination of the handmade and 3D printed to comment on the nature of artificiality and reproduction.

These images are of the full project he has been working on.

This semester (Fall 2014) the only cost for using the printer is that of the filament material it uses to print (see equipment page for details). It is also an option for a student to purchase their own filament if they desire a specific color not in stock.