Dronetacular DigiFab Print Project

Instructables recently hosted a very interesting project created by Joseph DeLappe titled Laser Etch Rubber Stamps for a Drone Stamp Revolution!

As found from the projects Tumblr page, "'In Drones We Trust' is a participatory art project inviting individuals to stamp their currency with a tiny image of a predator drone in flight. Over 400 drone rubber stamps have been shared with volunteers throughout the United States and abroad. These pages feature hundreds of images of drone stamped currency that have been shared by project participants and put back into circulation. Each image includes the location and date of the stamp. If you find any drone stamped money, please let me know!"

Here is a close up of one of the stamps. The Instructables project page gives you all the information to make your own including the necessary graphics.

The project highlights the unique capabilities the laser cutter provides in regards to custom stamp making (in this case done with laser etchable rubber covered in a previous post here), the ability to make large quantities of multiples and the ability to virally share a project given a somewhat common digital fabrication technology platform such as laser cutter/engravers.