Amazing 3D Printed Zoetropes

A zoetrope is an early form of animation commonly seen in 2D animation. In these beautiful 3D printed incarnations a strobe is used to trick the eye into perceiving motion.

Here is an isolated still of one of the ponies.

For further information on the ponytrope you can visit Kelly Eagans site or the original article from Make.

Another great zoetrope recently created is a work titled "All Things Fall" by Mat Collishaw.

This Epic work is a physical manifestation inspired from the painting "Massacre of the Innocents."

All of the 350 figures and architecture were for the most part created with 3ds max and zbrush (who makes sculptris, a free entry level version). For further information from the sourse article visit Make.

Another great zoetrope incarnation is a project called "Blooms" by John Edmark.

Edmark put together an amazing Instructable (which can be found here) explaining the creation of the objects and how to video record them in order to animate them properly.