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The Digital Service Bureau for Learning (DSB) serves the entire Department of Art and has regular, monitored lab hours during semesters with DSB supervisors on hand to assist in use of the equipment. Access is open to students who complete a brief training session.

The DSB has large and medium format photographic printers and scanners including:

Five Epson 9800 printers that print up to 44" wide
Five Epson 4800/4880 printers that print up to 17" wide.
One Epson V700 Perfection flatbed scanner for both reflective and negative scanning (able to scan negatives and transparencies from 35mm to 4x5")
One Epson 1640 XL scanner for scanning large 17x12" reflective documents and images
Two Nikon 9000 film scanners that scan 35mm and medium format film.
For more information visit the DSB blog.